Vide Diem Linocut Print

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Vide Diem Linocut Print

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Limited handmade print on the topic of “Carpe Diem”. The title for this print is ‘Vide Diem’ because I didn’t like the toxoic productivity implications that the original term sometimes gets mixed up nowadays.

This print should rather remind you to look at the wonders of live. To enjoy and yeah, really experience the moment.

As a part of the stoic series it is closely related to the ‘Memento Mori’ and the ‘Tempus Fugit’ prints so you will find a lot of overlapping symbols in these three print just as their message is deeply interconnected of course: Nothing is permanent, so we are all goong to die and THATS WHY  live is so precious and we should treat every moment like one that’s never coming back …

Original artwork created as digital drawing that get’s transfered to a linoleum block where the motive is carved out by hand.

Printed by hand on 200g handcrafted paper with live edges.

Every print is a handmade unique item so ink intensity may vary.

Print size: 33,5cm  x 25cm

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Some might call us stubborn goats. But in the end we might just be … stoic.
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