Stoic Linocut Print Set


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Stoic Linocut Print Set: Memento Mori + Tempus Fugit + Vide Diem

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All three Pints of the handprinted Linocut series I made on the topic of Stoicism / Stoic Philosophy.

All of the three prints, ‘Memento Mori’, ‘Tempus Fugit’ and ‘Vide Diem’ contain a lot of overlapping symbols … just as their message is deeply interconnected of course: Nothing is permanent, so we are all goong to die and THATS WHY  live is so precious and we should treat every moment like one that’s never coming back …

Original artworks are created as digital drawing that got transfered to a linoleum block where the motive is carved out by hand.

Printed by hand on 200g handcrafted paper with live edges.

Every print is a handmade unique item so ink intensity may vary.

Print size: 33,5cm  x 25cm



Stoic Goats

Some might call us stubborn goats. But in the end we might just be … stoic.
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